Qashif Masud is a 7th generation craftsman, reviving a family tradition

Legacy Preserved

After sometime deliberating on how l would frame my grandfathers medals and shirt l finally came up with a way to do it. The frame is made from recycled pine that was left behind by a partition that was taken apart. Rather then wasting the 4×2 timber, I thought l would put it in some good use. It is finished off with Indian rosewood dye and natural teak oil to give it further protection.

On the shirt l added on all the extras that were needed to finish it off.

Medals from right to left.

War Medal, 1965 | (Tamgha-e-Jang, A.H.1385

Azad Kashmir Commemorative Medal, 1947-49

War Star, 1965 | (Sitara-e-Harb, A.H.1385)

War Star, 1971 | (Sitara-e-Harb, A.H.1391)

General Service Medal | (Tamgha-e-Diffa) (1947)

I opted not to put glass in front as l like to touch the medals and see them closely. I may put glass on in the future to protect them. – EDIT – The glass has now been placed in.


3rd October 2013



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