Qashif Masud is a 7th generation craftsman, reviving a family tradition

Box | Labayk

The love for ones Shaykh is a love that guides you towards your Lord, Master of the Worlds, the Most Magnificent, and the attachment to His Beloved is a means to get closer to his Lord.

This box is a gift from the client to their Shaykh.

Made from American black walnut with the number 12 and Na’lain made from African Obeche.

Significance of 12

“The Shaykh loves the number 12, as the Beloved Prophet (SAW) arrived on the 12th. They say everything revolves around 12, e.g.12 hours during day, 12 hours during night, 12months in a year. There was a big mehfil in Eid Gah Shareef on 12.12.12. They teach us to connect to this number” Mentioned by the client.

The calligraphy at the top reads “Labayk, Ya Rasulallah”


3rd October 2013



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