Portfolio - Qashif Masud
For the Love of All Things Handmade.
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Box | Pure
Faith in Art Exhibition
Raised to the Heavens
Mirror | Al’Ikhlas
Shimla Restaurant Project
Hussain is from Me, and I am from Hussain
The Commandment
Box | Labayk
Box | Love Thy Partner
Heavenly Shelf
Desk | Simple
Box | Indeed, He is He
Legacy Preserved
Desks of Knowledge
Custom Macbook Pro 13″ (Early 2009)
Presidential Gift | Liverpool ISOC
Box | Iqra
Lapel Pins | Limited 23
Testimony of Faith
Rest Your Hearts
Box | Iqra
Box | Special
Power of Recitation
7 Wonders
Box | Simple
Box | Relics
Kufic Mystery
God is Beautiful
Hagia Sophia
The Prophetic Love
Nations in Peace
Box | Flute
Creations of the World
Artist Jihad Exhibition/Project
Early Works
Iqra Primary School Project