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I knew my grandfather had war medals but l never knew where they were. So while rummaging through his belonging l came across his military case. He still had all his army uniform, some intact some eaten by mice. In a knotted carrier bag l found his war medals, 5 in total. Hearings stories from the elders in the village, he was in charge of 250 soldiers.

He must have known that his grandchildren would come and hunt for his belongings after he left. I never got to meet my grandfather so this is something to cherish.

Sub Abdul Malik

JCO 2237

GOC 12 Division | 27 Azad Kashmir Infantry Battalion

AKRF (Azad Kashmir Regular Forces). The AKRF had its own intake and training structure separate from the Pakistan Army. The AKRF was the military element of the Azad Kashmir Government.

May Allah grant him Jannah and all the soldiers who fought in the struggle for the independence of Pakistan & Kashmir.

  • Chris Alam

    27th August 2018at8:18 AM Reply

    Thank you for sharing. I too served in the AKRF. SALUTE to the memory of you grandfather and for his service. It appears that one medal is mussing from this collection, the 1971 Tamgha e Difaa. You can buy one on ebay, and any military outfitters shop in Pakistan would be able to mount all 6 medals as a memory if your illustrious grandfather.

    • qashifmasud

      27th August 2018at10:43 AM Reply

      Oh wow, that’s amazing to hear. Next time l am in Kashmir l will look for that medal. I only managed to find these in his military case. However isn’t the Tamgha e Diffa a 1947? This is a service medal and not a war medal correct me if am wrong. It would be nice to see you’re military picture and which battalion you served in.

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