Qashif Masud is a 7th generation craftsman, reviving a family tradition

Haji Noor Deen

On a recent UK tour, Master Calligrapher Haji Noor Deen, came by my studio. I gave him some mahogany veneer and

Mercy to mankind

Prophet Muhammad (saw) was merciful to each individual that came to Him. He was the most perfect in character. His

Blood dust

Some woods are amazing to work with. The outer shell will look dull and darkish but when cut it releases


Just over a year ago l was contacted by an individual from Australia who was really excited about featuring myself

Wintery Bradford

While everyone was in their cozy home and the it snowed outside with a chilling wind, myself and two of

Black is Back

After 3 days of taking the Macbook apart, spraying it, watching paint dry…then putting it all back together, it came


When you know a project is coming to an end, its probably the most emotional part (not to sound soppy).

Tools of a Craftsman

These tools l cant live without in my workshop. The square wooden block represents wood. Business card  'l mean business'. Ruler to measure

The Blessed Hair

A beautiful gathering with Shaykh Saad Al-Atas, an individual from the prophetic lineage, a man l have great love for


'A Declaration Of Love' Opening of Felicity House, Liverpool. May Allah shower his immense blessings on this virtuous night. A gathering

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