Qashif Masud is a 7th generation craftsman, reviving a family tradition

Learning Curve

This was the very first item that l cut intricate calligraphy in wood.

Having no experience in woodworking there were flaws in this project. Firstly l used the wrong glue. If you want to get into woodworking, use a quality wood glue or else you will notice problems when you come to finishing projects. Secondly, l hate pine. The reason for this was because l wanted to work with hardwoods and there are many woods from around┬áthe world that are different colours. Its amazing sometimes when people see a woods that is naturally red, black or purple in colour and they think it is painted. God ┬áhas created things we just don’t know about. Search and you will find.

The calligraphy reads Sada Qalla Hul Azim.

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