Qashif Masud is a 7th generation craftsman, reviving a family tradition

Haji Noor Deen

On a recent UK tour, Master Calligrapher Haji Noor Deen, came by my studio. I gave him some mahogany veneer and asked if he could do some calligraphy on it to see how it would look. The result was awesome. Maybe a collaboration in the near future…

Haji Noor Deen is an awesome man, who gave me sound advice as a teacher, a brother and a fellow artist.

P.S. Recorded using HTC One.

Original Knightfall Collection

A dear friend of mine, who is comic mad, brought his Knightfall Collection to the gallery. What a joy! They are the original print and same plastic bag they came in. The graphics in these comics are awesome. I knows its not crafts but one has to appreciate such a collection!

Only people who understand the collection know what this is about…


Just over a year ago l was contacted by an individual from Australia who was really excited about featuring myself in a magazine he was working on. Back then l was just starting out properly in woodworking and being contacted by someone in Australia to feature was an honoured. Over numerous conversations with the individual and hearing about the pitfalls of starting a magazine, l can see the handwork that this individual has put into the success of it as well as getting it into publication. I truly admirer the resilience of the team.

An artist, who is barely known in the art world, and being featured alongside the likes of Peter Gould and other Australian artists, am truly honoured. Please help promote the magazine and pray for its success.

Wintery Bradford

While everyone was in their cozy home and the it snowed outside with a chilling wind, myself and two of my friends decided we would take some pictures. The knee deep snow didn’t stop our quest for wintry shots.

Black is Back

After 3 days of taking the Macbook apart, spraying it, watching paint dry…then putting it all back together, it came with some pitfalls and it was quite costly.

I have upgraded my MacBook with 4gb and two hard drives. I got rid of the cd drive to make space for second hard drive which holds all my data and l use the primary drive which is used for the operating system. Primary drive is an 128gb OCZ vertex 2 and the secondary drive is a 320gb Western Digital Scorpio Blue. Both with excellent benchmarks in testing. I do want to upgrade the ram from 4gb to 8gb, l hear many people have tried this and the Macbook can handle it.

First process was to start taking it apart. Not praising too much, but they do an excellent job making these laptops. The screws are so small and they hold each component in place securely. The keyboard screws were very tedious, they must have been approx 5mm in length. They were tiny! There must have been over 30 screws holding the keyboard together alone!

Now, the hardest part was removing the glass that protects the screen. In order to remove it, you have to heat the edges of the screen with a heat gun and then pry it open using a scraper. I thought l had heated it up enough to melt the adhesive, when prying it open l chipped the glass. It wasn’t enjoyable seeing that, so l ended up searching on eBay for a new one, which came in 2 days.

Once stripped down, it had to be cleaned thoroughly before it could take the primer coat. In between the primer coat a light sanding using a 2000 grit sanding paper needed to be done so the finish could be smooth before the final finish.

Another cleaned down then the black and red paint were ready to spray on. I am no expert on spray painting but l was advised to do dust coats instead of laying layers of paint in top of each other. Taking the advise was wise. In between the 2 coat a wet and dry sanding with 2000 grit sanding paper was needed for a better finish. Once the finish layer had dried a protective layer of lacquer was applied. Two thin layers did the job.

One thing l was quite embarrassed about and didn’t take picture was messing up the entire final finish because l didn’t let it dry completely. The top piece where the keyboard sits was ruined completely. I had to scrape all the paint down to the bare aluminium, cleaning in between the keys and then re-sparying it again. It was the most frustrating part ever, worse than cracking the screen!

On the third day after everything had dried, it was ready to assemble. This came with its problems as well. Firstly, once everything had been set in place, it wouldn’t turn on. After an hour of searching the problem, it turned out l forgot to close a small latch that connects the keyboard cable to the main board! Secondly, the screen came on but nothing would boot up. Again, another 2 hours of searching for a fix, it turned out, l messed up the cable for the primary drive. So now my Macbook is running on one HDD until the ribbon for the second HDD arrives. And thirdly, the backlight for the keyboard l wanted red, so l did the process correctly and added the transparent red film inside the keyboard.

Am l glad l did it? Yes indeed because it is personal to me and how l wanted it to look.

Would l do this again? Oh yes!


When you know a project is coming to an end, its probably the most emotional part (not to sound soppy). You know you have spent many hours to make something that will last for years to come, you have an attachment to it. That attachment to the artwork is what makes it special.

“When some blessings come to you, do not drive them away through thanklessness” Imam Ali (RA).

Tools of a Craftsman

These tools l cant live without in my workshop.

The square wooden block represents wood.

Business card  ‘l mean business’.

Ruler to measure things

Pen, Pencil & Notepad for scribbling

Knife to cut my self with…

Dust mask to look like Bane…

Why so serious? Not always…

What do scholars do when they are relaxing? Having a laugh!

Many people will recognise the faces in this picture and love them dearly. Imam Khalid Hussain, Shaykh Burhan Khandia, Shaykh Haroon Hanif & Shaykh Saad Al-Attas who is from the prophetic lineage.

“The religion of Islam does not require people to disdain seemly laughter and levity and remain perpetually gloomy. An appropriate sense of humor is often a saving grace.” {}

As everyone was in ‘relax mode’ l took this image using my iPhone 4s as Imam Khalid was joking around. It is very rare to see these scholars in one room never mind joking around. The companions of our Beloved Messenger used to joke around as well!

#iphoneography #MadniMasjid #HumourYourLife #Pranksters

The Humerous Companion

Once Nuayman went to the suq and saw some food being sold which appeared to be tasty and delightful. He ordered some and sent it to the Prophet as if it were a gift from him. The Prophet was delighted with the food and he and his family ate of it.

The vendor of the food then came to Nuayman to collect the price of it and an-Nuayman said to him: “Go to the Messenger of God it was for him. He and his family ate it.” ..

The vendor went to the Prophet who in turn asked Nuayman: “Didn’t you give it to me?” “Yes,” said Nuayman. “I thought you would like it and I wanted you to eat some of it so I had it presented to you. But I don’t have any dirhams to pay the vendor for it. So, pay, O Messenger of God!”

The Prophet had a good laugh and so did his companions. The laugh was at his expense, literally, for he had to pay the price of the unsolicited gift. Nuayman felt that two benefits came out of the incident: the Prophet and his family ate food that they enjoyed and the Muslims had a good laugh! {}

Concept behind the logo

The logo has been called bland, simple and too plain by many but there is a deeper meaning behind the logo, so let me explain…. Last year l re-branded my self from Bismillah Handcrafts to Qashif Masud due to many people approaching me believing l was a large business which mass manufactured islamic frames. I got so many emails in regards to this that l got fed up and decided to rebrand. This meant l had to redesign everything. The logo was the crucial part and it took a good few weeks to come up with a logo.

I have some ‘nice’ friends who are quite critical at times (in a good way) and would give sound advise on how the logo should be.
It should represent the work l produce, simple.

After many attempts, the idea came to old hand painted signs boards that Tailors used. So we decided to work with that idea and wrote QM on a paper, scanned it and and vectorised it through Illustrator. The result is what you see, a very simple logo but very effective even when it is used as a stamp.

It is plain, simple, yes, but it serves its purpose.

Beautiful manuscripts

Customer came and picked up his order and came with some very old manuscripts. There were a few pages of the Hizbul Bahr, Circa. 160 years old from Morocco and the booklet is the Dala’il al-Khayrat, Circa 260 years old from Morocco. The book was handwritten and hand-bound.

The customer intends to visit Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller and give them as a gift. It was a great honour to be able to touch and read from these old manuscripts.


I always wonder where my artwork ends up. I knew one of my works had gone to Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad, what l didn’t know is that it was displayed for everyone to see.

The artwork displayed was my personal favourite and to this day l am still fond of it.

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